Build an HR Knowledge Base

Every HR gets a lot of questions from both new and seasoned employees. These questions are often similar and repetitive, and people, and are expected answers. OneBar will help you avoid chaos and reduce the routine work.

Answer the most common questions once, build a comprehensive Knowledge Base right from your company's Slack, and let the OneBar bot help your team.

Build a Knowledge Base with all the things IT in OneBar, and let everyone access it right in Slack.

Group FAQs under the hr-onboarding tag and share it with every new hire to help them learn new things faster.

Define synonyms in OneBar, and it will always give the right answer to various versions of the same question.

In OneBar, people can help each other, crowdsource solutions, and even get recognized for their effort.

Sign up for OneBar and stop answering repetitive question right now!

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