Build a Knowledge Base for your Project

Knowledge becomes more powerful when it's shared with everyone in the team. But if your team is remote, sharing information can be quite challenging. We know that because we are remote too!

Luckily, OneBar can solve this problem for you. Capture unique tribal knowledge directly from Slack, enhance, cross-link and categorize it with tags. OneBar will keep it in one place and make accessible to everyone.

Use @onebar save to capture valuable conversations and store them in the Knowledge Base.

Collect all the FAQs under the getting-started tag, and share it with people joining your team.

Assign Questions to your teammates instead of writing documentation all by yourself. It’s even easier to do if you define topics using tags and subscribe Subject Matter Experts to them.

OneBar’s sophisticated search algorithm will help you find the right answer whenever you need it.

Supercharge your Helpdesk team with a powerful Knowledge Base right now!

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