Build a Knowledge Base for the Entire Company

Today’s companies run on knowledge. Those who manage it well thrive, and those who don’t drown in the chaos of inefficiency and misalignment. To succeed, you need to develop a great knowledge Management strategy and find the right tools to implement it.

OneBar will help you connect all your information sources unite behind a single space, provide a Single source of truth, and encourage knowledge sharing.

Store FAQs, How-Tos and other valuable pieces of information in OneBar and make sure no work is done twice.

Assign Subject Matter Experts to tags, and use OneBar smart suggestions to help your team find answers faster.

Provide answers to all the FAQs for new hires and reduce ramp-up time from months to weeks.

Use OneBar entirely from Slack and eliminate jumping into another system just to find a document.

Sign up for OneBar and give your company a single place to share knowledge!

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