Free Slack Assessment

Knowing what needs improvement is the first step of any knowledge management initiative but where do you get this information? One way is to  listen to what your team is talking about!
Slack is the place where people go if the documentation doesn’ help. You can learn a lot by just reading conversation logs. The only problem - it’s a lot to read! Fortunately, we can help you with that.

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See what people are talking about

Understand information flows

Identify knowledge gaps

Find subject matter experts

How it works

Initial call

We spend 30 minutes discussing your current knowledge management situation and what problems you’re trying to solve.

You give us access to your Slack

We sign an NDA and get a list of Slack channels you’d like to analyze. We then download the data and run our AI tools on it.

Discuss the results

We get together for a second call where we look at the assessment results and brainstorm potential improvements. We hand you a Google Spreadsheet with everything we found.

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