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A high-converting website where to upload the content.


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Do you listen to all my Slack conversations?

OneBar can only read messages in the channels to which it has been explicitly invited to.

How secure it is?

At OneBar we deeply care about the security of our user’s data. We follow the OWASP best practices, encrypt data at-rest and in transit, take regular audits and don’t store anything that we don’t need for OneBar operation.

Who will have access to OneBar?

Currently OneBar is open to anyone with an open Slack account belonging to your Slack workspace, except restricted (guest) users.

Can I export my data?

Currently there’s no export functionality built into the app, but we would be happy to assist you with exporting all your data via a private API.

Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?

We do, but we decide case by case. Please contact us at